Christmas Gift Box – set of organic sweets

Original price was: €40,00.Current price is: €29,88.

Najniższa ciągu z ostatnich 30 dni: 29,88

Original price was: €40,00.Current price is: €29,88.

Sweeten up Christmas!
Get the set at a promotional price -25% off!
Grab for free Cotton bag + Super Fudgio pin.

Box contains:
1/ Organic milk-free fudges toffee150 g x 1 pc.
2/ Organic milk-free fudges cocoa 150 g x1 pc.
3/ Organic milk-free fudges strawberry 150 g x 1 item
4/ Organic chocolate coated corn crisps 50 g x 1 pc
5/ Organic chocolate dragees 80 g x 1 pc
6/ Organic strawberry chocolate with cane sugar 80 g x 1 pc
7/ Organic chocolate sweetened with dates with hazelnuts 100g x 1 pc
8/ Organic dark chocolate bar no added sugar. With sweetener 40 g x 1pc
9/ Organic coconut chocolate bar no added sugar. With sweetener 40 g x 1pc
10/ Organic cereal pillows with cinnamon. With no added sugars 200g x 1pc
11/ Organic wafers with cocoa-hazelnut cream sweetened with dates – 4 x 30 g x 1pc
12/ Organic wafer with peanut butter without added sugar 30g x 1 pc
13/ Organic banana cookies sweetened with agave130 g x1 pc
14/ Organic date balls with desiccated coconut with sugars and sweetener 70g 70g

The whole is enclosed in a decorative gift box.
Delivery time 2 business days.

Nutritional values in 100g

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