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Free From dairy, gluten, palm oil

“Free from” is a philosophy that has been guiding us since the beginning of our journey, and we have consequently followed it by creating high-quality sweets without compromising on taste. It is a nod to all people who suffer from food intolerances but also to those for whom product ingredient lists are of great importance.

Our organic, vegan and gluten-free sweets have short ingredient lists and clean labels, they are made only from certified ingredients that come from organic farming, they contain raw materials that are rich in nutrients, vitamins and minerals, and they are based on 100% original formulas. You will not find any palm oil, glucose-fructose syrup and other unnecessary enhancers in our products. We focus on being a healthier alternative to sweets, following the philosophy that we are what we eat.

Super Fudgio - Manufacturer of healthy organic food.


Iwona Kasica, the founder of the brand, travels all around the world in search of the best raw materials to enable the company to achieve its vision of creating an organic confectionery brand that does not use raw materials of animal origin, palm oil and unnecessary food additives.

The first VEGAN Fudge

the first vegan fudge

It is 2017, on the other side of the globe, coconuts are falling down from palm trees, and in Poland, the first organic vegan fudge with the toffee and cocoa flavour is being created.

wegańskie krówki

Super Krówka & Super Fudgio

Super Krówka

At the same time, an excellent team of graphic designers are working on the brand’s logo to reflect the unique character of our sweet brand… after many attempts, they finally achieve their goal and our cute Super Krówka logo is born.

super krówka logo

VEGAN Fudges

Our sweets immediately win the recognition of consumers, and new products are launched on the market.


mapa Polski


Foreign markets are beginning to take interest in the brand, and this is the moment when the export brother of our Polish Super Krówka logo comes to life – a cute sloth called Super Fudgio.

around the world


In 2021, more and more of our sweets can be found in shops and we establish our online store, and this is not the end 😉 To be continued

ORGANIC Ingredients

The healthy sweets we offer in our shop are produced according to unique formulas based on high-quality natural and organic ingredients of plant origin, such as gum Arabic, cocoa butter, rice syrup or coconut sugar. They contain a lot of vitamins, amino acids, lipids and precious minerals such as, among others, zinc, potassium, iron and calcium.

naturalne składniki
ekologiczne składniki

Our healthy organic sweets are also rich in dietary fibre, i.e. indigestible carbohydrates that improve the functioning of our digestive system. As all the ingredients come from certified organic farming, which is free from pollution, pesticides and artificial fertilisers, you can be sure that our sweets are 100% healthy and safe.

Our certificates


The next step in the development of our brand was the introduction of new sweet categories to the market:
spreads in jars, chocolates, bars, spreads in pouches, delicacies covered in chocolate, crisps,
chocolate dragees or breakfast products, such as organic cereal pillows
and cornflakes.

All our sweets have organic certification and short ingredient lists that are easy to understand, and they are vegan and gluten-free. What is more, we produce our sweets from raw materials that come only from organic farming, and
we do our best to ensure that they have a positive health impact. That is why we use ingredients such as rice syrup,
acacia fibre and sunflower protein.

Our sweets do not contain palm oil,
glucose-fructose syrup and other enhancers that are bad for our
health and harmful to the environment.



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