Payment methods

Available payment methods at the Super Fudgio online store:

1. Cash on delivery
Upon collection from a courier or InPost parcel

 2. Payment by bank transfer
Bank account number shown as below

Me gusto limited liability company Bałtycka street 4a No. 3, 81 – 707 Sopot, Poland


IBAN PLN: PL19 1050 1025 1000 0090 3257 7182
IBAN EUR: PL94 1050 10251000 0090 3257 7190

If you have chosen a bank transfer payment, you will be asked to pay for your order within 3 days from the order date, otherwise your order will be canceled. Should you wish to extend this payment time, please contact our Customer Service team.

3. Payment by bank card or online payment
Online payment and credit card payment are authorised by professional system of payment transactions After choosing payment method, customer is redirected to a site which enables authorization of transaction.
Important! Orders paid with bank transfer, online transfer or with credit card will be processed when the Super Fudgio online account has been successfully credited with the payment.

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